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Red Tag

Is Your Furnace Red Tagged?


What Does a Red Tag Mean?


This notice called a red tag, also referred to as a warning tag, is placed on a furnace or hot water heater by a licensed HVAC technician to indicate that your equipment is not safe to use, and either needs to be repaired or replaced. The licensed technician who issues the red tag is required by law to turn off your gas for safety until the necessary repairs can be made.


There are two different types of red tags. Type A red tags mean that your furnace poses an immediate threat to the safety of your home. Normally this means your furnace may be leaking carbon monoxide gas. Your furnace may have one or more of the following issues: cracked heat exchanger, water damage, or cracked furnace vents.  These warning tags are issued for any appliance that uses natural gas; when a licensed natural gas technician has identified a hazard. Your appliance may be releasing carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless gas that can cause serious health problems. Carbon monoxide is dangerous because it rapidly accumulates in the blood, and can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Symptoms may include light-headedness, confusion, headaches, vertigo, and flu-like symptoms; ongoing exposure can lead to central nervous system and heart failure, and even death.


Type B red tags are for issues that violate the Gas Codes but do not require your furnace to be turned off immediately. Once the tag is issued, a homeowner normally has 45 days to have the furnace repaired or replaced.


What should I do if I receive a warning tag?

If you received a warning tag, you should immediately call a licensed contractor to inspect your furnace. For your protection, the red tag is applied to your furnace, your local utility is notified, and your natural gas is turned off. In some cases a furnace can repaired; but in more serious cases the equipment often needs to be replaced. If carbon monoxide is leaking from a cracked heat exchanger, it may be circulated in your home as your furnace runs. Dealing with natural gas, water, and electricity requires experts. Our experienced, licensed technicians are trained to put safety first.


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