Discover the difference a Trane humidifier can make.

Trane total home humidifiers add a whole new element of comfort to your indoor environment.


Your air may be at the perfect temperature. It may be clean. But without the proper humidity levels, it’s not as comfortable as it could be.


During winter months, or in hot, dry climates, the air in your home will lose most of its moisture. Dry air can lead to bothersome static electricity, and over time it can damage plants, furniture and valuables.


It can also dry out your skin, aggravate asthma and trigger allergy attacks. A Trane total home humidifier restores proper moisture levels to the air in your home, increasing

your comfort while protecting your belongings and your family’s health.

Responsible comfort.

Since humidified air feels

warmer, you’ll be able to set your

thermostat to a lower setting,

saving energy in the process. It’s a small

change that can make a big difference.

There’s a Trane humidifier for every home.


Power Humidifier

For homes up to 4,200 square

feet, the Trane Power Humidifier provides exceptional comfort and delivers up to 50% more moisture than competitive models due to its ultra-quiet independent blower motor.


Large Bypass Humidifier

Ideal for homes up to 4,000

square feet, the Trane Large

Bypass Humidifier’s flow-through design works with your furnace blower to deliver substantial moisture on demand.


Small Bypass Humidifier

Brings balanced moisture levels to homes up to 3,000 square feet for quiet, economical comfort.

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