Zuba-Central Commercial

Designed for Canada's environment, Zuba-Central replaces traditional means of heating and cooling with one quiet, compact, highly efficient, ducted system that can save space and significant annual energy costs.


Zuba-Central Features


We put our best minds and technologies to the test when we created Zuba-Central. And they didn't disappoint. From energy-saving features like VCSI technology to powerhouse performance features like our Hyper-Heat Inverter (H2i) technology, Zuba-Central is packed with so many advancements that we have no reservations in calling it the true evolution in whole-home, year-round comfort.


Zuba-Central Benefits


Evolution is associated with advanced thinking, and advanced thinking brings you great benefits. By combining the benefits of heat pump technology with centralized ductwork, Zuba-Central easily poises itself as the new and better way to provide year-round heating and cooling comfort.


Made exclusively for Canada, this easy-to-install, money- and space-saving system will forever change the way you experience heating & air conditioning.



Zuba-Central Specifications

Zuba-Central How It Works


Energy-efficient. Easy to install. Extremely quiet. Zuba-Central is simply the new and better way to heat and cool your home or small business. Zuba-Central is a Heat Pump which provides heating and cooling to your home through ductwork. It is ranked among the most energy-efficient and cost-effective ways of transferring heat from one place to another.


Zuba-Central Serivce & Support


Mitsubishi Electric Quality marks over 80 years of excellence in technology, design and manufacturing, representing the highest standards of comfort, durability and efficiency.


Our quality assurance program is guided by our stringent Quality Policy, which ensures that all phases of the development process - from design and manufacture to the finished product - must meet our standards. What it means to you is that Mitsubishi Electric simply makes the best air conditioners that you can buy today.


Our commitment to innovation and technology is exceeded only by our commitment to service - we stand behind every product that bears the Mitsubishi name. And we demonstrate this by offering you our 5-year parts and 7-year compressor warranty. Through our competent distributor network, strong service support and unmatched parts availability, it is our assurance to you that you will enjoy the comfort and true quality that only Mitsubishi Electric can offer.


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