Air Cleaners

Look inside the air cleaner that’s revolutionizing the air inside your home.

Cleaner air is healthier for you. A Trane CleanEffects™ uses patented, industry-leading technology to remove up to 99.98% of particles down to .1 micron from the air it filters, more than any other air filtration system on the market.


CleanEffects™ is 100 times more effective than ionic-type air cleaners or a standard 1” throwaway filter.

Micron sizes and your allergies.

CleanEffects™ filtration can bring welcome relief to anyone with respiratory difficulties. Many common allergens are small enough to bypass the body’s natural defenses

and embed deep in the lungs, aggravating breathing ailments. Since CleanEffects filters down to .1 micron, or 700 times smaller than a human hair, it is extremely effective at removing spores, mold, pollen, pet dander, dirt and dust, preventing them from entering your air, and your lungs.

Trane’s revolutionary, patented ifD charger delivers powerful cleaning with efficient airflow.


Most filtration systems work like a vacuum cleaner bag. Small holes let air pass through but not particles. Unfortunately, the more dirt these systems collect, the

more clogged they become. This creates a bottleneck that reduces clean air output, affects comfort level and reduces system life.


Trane CleanEffects™ uses a powerful, patented ifD corona field to charge incoming air, causing particles to adhere to the CleanEffects collection cells as air passes through. Since your furnace or air handler isn’t struggling to work against a clogged filter, clean air flows freely. No other filtration system can compare.


Even the Trane CleanEffects collection element is ground-breaking. Each layer is only 0.08 inches apart, with alternating charges, which makes for a stronger,

more effective collection field. What’s more, the Trane CleanEffects element has eight times the collection surface of a standard electronic air cleaner, so it’s vastly more efficient at providing clean air throughout your home

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